Journey From Raw Data to Decision Making

It’s a lot of hard work to pull data from disparate systems and have it all tie together in a new system that makes it easy to make decisions. To be a decision maker, you need to be able to rely on your data. You may have the wealth of data at your fingertips. All you need to do is tap into that data for the secrets to your business growth to be revealed. But here’s the biggest question: Who’s wrangling the data into a form where the decisions can be taken based on intersecting data from various sources and secrets revealing themselves? What we have witnessed mostly is that- there’s a big gap between the decision making and the underlying data used.   Here’s the truth: Collecting and preparing the necessary data isn’t easy, no matter the tools used.

Unfortunately, this is where cookie-cutter dashboards and cookie-cutter reports normally fall short. They provide pretty looking P&Ls, specific metrics etc. If that’s really all you need, just use your standard ERP/CRM/home-grown system reports. But if you need consolidation of data viewing abilities across various data sources or you have a uniquely successful way of looking at your data that helps drive your business growth, you need to venture out of your standard tools. Because real data analysis happens in customer, item, and transaction based data. Intelligently slicing and dicing the data is where you become a right decision maker, not in preparing the data.

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