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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GetPy?

GetPY is a Sales & Marketing Intelligence Platform for businesses. Our fully integrated, cloud-based platform, allows any level of user to conduct data analysis and take actions without the burden of having to rely on expensive IT solutions or resources.

Who can use GetPY?

Any retailer or service company can use GetPY. •GetPY is sector agnostic and is being used by retailers across F&B, Apparel, Electronics, and other businesses.

What is the process to install GetPY?

  • An email with the program files will be sent on the registered email id. A copy of the same must be saved on the desktop before installation starts. 
  • The team connects remotely on Team Viewer OR Any desk and completes the installation on the pre-decided date and time.
  • It takes 30 minutes to configure each POS terminal

Does it work on all Operating Systems?

  • No, it works only on windows-based POS systems currently.
  • We are working to launch Linux, iOS and Android compatible solutions shortly.

Will you make any changes to the POS or current flow of operations?

  • No. GetPY will neither make any changes to your POS nor it will disturb the current flow of operations.
  • A custom grid to capture customer data during transaction pops up while printing the receipt.
  • It has fields like name, number, birth-date, anniversary, nationality, gender, address, and others.
  • The retailer has the option to send the receipt digitally, print it or do both.

Does it need any new/extra hardware?

  • No. GetPY requires no extra hardware or change of current IT peripherals like printers.
  • The only requirements are a Windows-based POS system with internet connectivity.

What kind of reports is generated by GetPY?

  • 25+ customer-centric reports are generated by GetPY which enables your business to take quick business actions like inventory optimization, designing promotions, running campaigns, rewarding top customers and bringing back dormant customers. 
  • Live update about sales, customer visits, lifetime values, average spending, top customers, product basket analysis, channel source, mode of payment, product purchased and services availed and many more depending on the nature of the business.

Can we plug in more data sources?

  • Yes, data sources can be connected to give you a 360-degree view of the business. Kindly get in touch with at contactus@getpy.biz  with the subject line “customization”. 
  • The cost will be determined after assessing the request received on email.

Is my data safe?

  • At GetPY.Biz, we take matters of data security very seriously. We are hosted on the highly secure and reliable Microsoft Azure cloud that promise optimal up-time and data security for all our customers.Our servers are hosted in world class data centers that are protected by bio-metric locks and 24-hour surveillance. We ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security patches.

When do you deliver the dashboard?

  • Within 10 working days. In case there is a delay because of any technical reasons, you will be duly informed via your registered email.

Do i get multiple instance of log-ins? If yes how many?

  • You will get a single dashboard for every store under your brand and an umbrella dashboard covering all the stores.
  • A cluster-wise dashboard can also be created upon request.

Who bears the SMS cost?

  • SMS costs are borne by the retailer. SMS packs can be bought from the portal getpy.biz
  • SMS will be credited within 2 hours of the transaction.

How do i request for setting up / changing my transactional SMS?

  • Please write an email to sales@pytechno.com with the content.
  • The maximum limit for each transactional SMS is 160 characters including spaces.
  • It takes up to 48 hours to configure/change a transactional SMS.
  • You can request up to 2 Transactional SMS changes per month

Will my transactional SMS / promotional SMS go via a custom sender id?

  • Depending on your country and choice of the service provider, the SMS can go with the choice of sender id once you furnish the required documents namely a NOC to request white-labelling and valid Trade License copy (Both signed and stamped).

Can i upload media files and use them in campaigns?

  • Yes, absolutely. You can upload media files and convert them to clickable links.
  • These links can be used in the body of your campaigns.
  • You can track the number of clicks and thus the success of the campaign.

Do we promise the success of a campaign or promise any returns?

  • Campaigns are run by the retailer on the basis of the business needs.
  • A good campaign should consist of irresistible offers, easy redemption and an expiry date attached to it to create a sense of urgency.
  • Other than having an attractive offer, the timing of the campaigns also matters.
  • Thus, we do not guarantee or commit any success ratio or promise any fixed ROI.

Do i get a delivery report for a campaign?

  • You get a summary of the campaign within 48 working hours of running the campaign.
  • The detailed delivery report can be made available on request. Please write an email to contactus@getpy.biz
  • The delivery rate depends on the network of the 3rd party service provider.

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Muhsin M P


Muhsin comes with strong knowledge of building robust marketing and sales strategy. He has been intrumental in lead generation at GetPY and ensures to meet his sales targets every quarter. He is an aggressive sales maverick who knows how to connect with people, empathesize and understand practical problems of business owners and propose appropriate solution for them.


Samar Jeet Borah


Samar Jeet is our product design and development head who leaves no stone untured to make sure that no bugs are reported and all targets and timelines are met. He is a perfectionist and firm believer of hard work, commitment and descilpine.

Sidhartha Chakroborty


Sid is a bundle of talent and is the source of energy for GetPY team. It’s inspirational to see his never ending efforts to make product better and sharper. He has been instrumental in enhancing the product features and adding substantial value to it.