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Traditional thinking suggests that you look for expertise in your own industry or function. Our data analytics services and solutions see a convergence of practices and concepts across industries within retail.



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About GetPY

GetPY provides Sales & Marketing Intelligence Platform for businesses and we are focused towards building innovative tech solutions to common business challenges in cost effective ways.
We are a team of like minded techies with strong passion towards data and using available data to make revenue out of it. We continuously work towards deriving maximum benefits from available data around us.

What Makes Us Different?

GetPY has extensive experience working with retailers to bring powerful solutions to the most complex challenges.
Discover the unique benefits of partnering with us.

Deep Retail Expertise

Our team has years of experience working with retailers to solve their unique challenges and make data more meaningful in every business interaction, process or plan.

Trusted Data Management

We ensure your data is always secured and you have the power to control how it’s shared with your staff, stakeholders and business associates.

Flexible & Powerful Platform

Our fully integrated, cloud-based platform, allows any level of user to conduct analysis without the burden of having to rely on expensive IT solutions or resources.

The Results Speak For Themselves

25-40% Increase In Revenue

Using personalized website personalization, followed by re-targeting on multiple channels.
Significant increase in revenue observed for first time visitors.

2-3X More Engagement

Observed on metrics like- time spent on site and pages visited/prouct views after switching to real time personalized recommendations.
Personalized recommendations included in re-targeting campaigns on emails, notifications and text messages double the clicks and open rates.

25% Increase In New User Conversion Rates

More than 75% of website visitors come only once. And on voice/chatbot channels, their patience is even less.
Converting first time users has improved ROAS(Return On Ad Spend) by 60%.

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Our Customers

At GetPY.biz, we believe that our customers are our biggest assets.
Our existence is because of our satisfied and delighted customers. We strive to have our
customer service not just best but legendary.

Trusted by over 100 customers in India and UAE


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