Next Generation Digital Receipts


Objective of sale transaction receipts, which are handed over to the customer after any sale at a retail store or any business place, is to keep record of the sale/purchase. Can this piece of paper serve any other purpose? Does it have to be a piece of paper when we already know the issue of enormous number of trees being cut for receipts and hazardous effects of thermal printing? In our earlier blogs we have touched upon this topic(Paper Based Receipts : The Bigger Picture and Thermal Printing : Boon Or Bane). Let’s take a deeper dive into this subject.

Traditionally, we have seen receipts with details of sale information printed on them like number of items purchased, quantity, price per unit, bill amount and total to be paid along with tax calculations etc. We find that for services industry also, receipts contain similar information other than some minor differences. For example, instead of product and quantity, service type and members information could be printed. PY Technologies has come up with an innovative way of transforming those receipts into a new avatar. Their product enables businesses to make use of receipts for marketing and brand awareness in form of an e-receipt. This solves 5 problems at a go.

  1. No paper use
  2. Saves environment from hazardous effects of thermal printing
  3. Brand awareness
  4. cross-selling and up-selling
  5. Reduced cost of information broadcast like that of sale, discounts, product promotions, upcoming events etc

This helps to capture customers mind with business brand name, logo, promotions etc. It gives an image of an experienced, and reliable business.

Now look at the two receipts below and decide yourself, which receipt is more impactful.

Receipt 1: e-Receipt with only invoice details without any enriched content.


Receipt 2: Enriched e-Receipt with brand logo, images, product promotions, theme picture  in the background of receipt as watermark, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page links.

The value-add that those receipts bring, at nominal cost is comparable to expensive brand value creation drive for the business.Be Smart in choosing the right solutions for your brand awareness as it matters the most for your business.

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