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GetPY turns retail data into smart insights to create improved sales, optimised operations, targeted and focussed marketing strategy enables retail business owners to anticipate and respond to observed metrics. Our cloud-based analytical intelligence and consumer insights solutions enable over 100 clients to achieve improved business outcomes quicker, in a simple manner.

Retail Solution

Loyalty Program

  • OTP Based Secured Redemptions Coupons
  • Unified Loyalty Program Across Multiple Stores
  • Points Accumulation According To The Business Type
  • Highly Customizable As Per The Business Needs

Referral Program

  • Make Your Customers Refer Your Products
  • Bring New Customers Onboard
  • Unified Referral Program Across Multiple Stores
  • Referral Points Accumulation According To The Business Type
  • Highly Customizable As Per The Business Needs


  • SMS Campaigns
  • Email Campaigns
  • Targetted and Focussed Messaging
  • Automated Customer Followup - Engage Your 'Not Visited', High Value Customers
  • Seasonal Greetings, Announcements And Birthday/Anniversary Wishes
  • Track Campaign Effectiveness And Campaign Based ROI Calculation
  • Auto-Enguage Your Customer At Each Stage Of Customer Lifecycle

Customer and Product Analytics

  • New Vs Old Customers
  • Top Spending Customers
  • Top Visiting Customers
  • Top And Least Selling Products
  • Highly Customizable Reports As Per The Business Needs
  • Customers And Inventory Forecasting

Data Capture

  • Auto Customer And Purchase Data Capture
  • Post Sale Thank You Message
  • SMS Based Digital Invoice


  • Collect Customer Feedback Post Their Purchase
  • Sentiment Analysis

Mobile App/Website For Online Ordering

  • Auto Upload And Update Of Available Inventory
  • Simple Integrated Multi-Channels Payments
  • Important Updates, Promotions And Notifications

Intuitive Enterprise Analytics Solution

PY Core - Data Orchestration Platform

Data collector and Aggregator that Supports, unifies and manages your data

A data collection solution that collects data at the print command. This solution helps in capturing offline store’s sales transactional data which is transformed into interactive digital invoice. It Loads, transforms and integrates data from any and all sources, including powerful third-party data sets available directly through PY Core to avoid usual hassles.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Spend less time locating, processing and managing your data and more time incorporating actionable intelligence into every business interaction, process and plan.

Speed, Power and Flexibility

Based on client remarks, PY Core is the fastest data orchestration platform in high-concurrency situations while utilizing complex queries.

Outstanding Value

Delivery at nominal cost of conventional business intelligence products.

Consumer Behavior: Find Compelling Customer Insights

Shopper Segment Analytics

Track key behaviours over time of your business’ most valuable shopper segments, including item preferences and category engagement with customizable reporting. Enable targeted and personalized marketing strategies.

Online & Offline Basket Analysis

Enhance your omni-channel strategy through online & Offline basket analysis utilizing digital receipt data that reveals how products are purchased together online.

Build a True 360-degree View of the Customer

Easily obtain a more complete view of customer spending patterns and gain visibility into your customer’s wallet.

Data Driven Inventory Analytics


Supplier collaboration

Improve joint trade planning with suppliers by centralizing data, providing tiered access to suppliers, and collaboratively analysing a common data sets.


Basket analysis & profitability

Gain visibility into shopper basket details for a better understanding of basket dynamics at the SKU, category and store level by analyzing granular transaction log data.


Improved category visibility

Grow category management capabilities by tracking category performance and determining the role of categories in driving aisle traffic, margin and overall store growth.


Assortment planning

Conduct store-level assortment analyses to determine which planograms perform the best with new and discontinued items.


Gain a unified view across your business

Harmonize noisy, disparate data sets and create a single source of the truth across your entire business, and with your suppliers, without the typical inflexibility of ERP systems.


Build a localized strategy

Identify strong and weaker-performing stores, diagnose why these locations are underperforming, and determine what actions to take for maximum revenue impact.

Supply Chain


On-shelf availability

Identify discrepancies in sales patterns caused by potential on-shelf availability problems such as phantom inventory, shrinkage or the misplacement of items in store.


Direct store delivery (DSD) visibility

Utilize receipts reporting to understand the timing and volume of deliveries to stores from DSD and distribution centers.


Promotion planning

Improve product allocations with visibility to item-level inventory and ensure proper stock is on hand during promotional periods.


Assortment allocation

Ensure shopper needs across store locations are met by determining which transfers and warehouse inventory allocations are required at the store level.


Demand forecasting

Build forecasts based on actual customer demand and relevant external data rather than historical aggregated item movements.


New product management

Manage every aspect of new product launches including inventory at the distribution center, division, and store level.


Gain direct visibility to store inventory

Gain an unobstructed view into store inventory and placement of that inventory through daily data updates, alerts and drilling capabilities.


Develop better supply chain analysts

Develop industry-leading supply chain capabilities by enabling everyday users to combine disparate data from sales, inventory, and promotions to conduct deeper analysis.


Discover new opportunities

Deploy responsive and actionable analytics against more granular and timely data, allowing analysts to discover and investigate new sales opportunities.

PY Connect - Reach Out To Your Customer

Customer loyalty

Increase Repeat Sales With Personalized, Omnichannel Loyalty Program and Grow Your Brand Following. Ensure Your Existing Consumers Keep Coming Back To You By Intelligently Rewarding Them For Their Desired Behaviour via PY Connect.

Focussed marketing campaigns

Personalized Customer Engagement With Omnichannel Campaign Manager To Increase The Effectiveness Of Marketing Efforts By Personally Connecting With Each Consumer, Building Relationships At Every Interaction With PY Connect.

Feedback: Hear from customers

Hear Back from Customers, Get feedback, build roadmap to deliver accordingly.

Promotional effectiveness

Measure promotions midstream through flexible analysis and reporting to determine whether category and store goals are being met.

Promotion planning

Gain full visibility of inventory through daily reporting to determine whether enough stock is available for a given promotional period.

Unified data analysis across stores

Utilize proprietary analysis methodologies combining sales, inventory, economic and other available shopper data to customize promotions by individual shopper.

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Muhsin comes with strong knowledge of building robust marketing and sales strategy. He has been intrumental in lead generation at GetPY and ensures to meet his sales targets every quarter. He is an aggressive sales maverick who knows how to connect with people, empathesize and understand practical problems of business owners and propose appropriate solution for them.


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Samar Jeet is our product design and development head who leaves no stone untured to make sure that no bugs are reported and all targets and timelines are met. He is a perfectionist and firm believer of hard work, commitment and descilpine.

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Sid is a bundle of talent and is the source of energy for GetPY team. It’s inspirational to see his never ending efforts to make product better and sharper. He has been instrumental in enhancing the product features and adding substantial value to it.