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Paper Based Receipts – The Bigger Picture

In India, paper receipts currently are ubiquitous. Is the reason for the existence of those receipts in today’s hitech digital world the sheer problem with coming out of the comfort zone and trying something new and smart which can ease the workload of random erratic errands and optimize the business. In India, the process of

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Thermal Printing – Boon Or Bane

With significant advancement in technology businesses have excelled appreciably. One of these advancements that we are talking about is thermal printing. This is money and time saver for all businesses, which need to print sales or transaction receipts. Customers simply love the speed at which the receipts get printed. In this blog, we want to discuss whether thermal printing

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Next Generation Digital Receipts

Objective of sale transaction receipts, which are handed over to the customer after any sale at a retail store or any business place, is to keep record of the sale/purchase. Can this piece of paper serve any other purpose? Does it have to be a piece of paper when we already know the issue of enormous number of trees being cut for receipts and hazardous effects of thermal printing? In

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Data Analytics- a tipping point for offline retailers

Retail is one of the most data-driven industries in the world, so using business intelligence (BI) software to estimate inventory needs, understand customer behavior, and build forecasts is a necessity of any retailer. As technology advances, so does customer expectations.BI tools are based on a dedicated data warehouse platform using

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Make the most from the data your business generates!

Businesses generate tons of data on a daily basis. There are major changes in consumer behavior due to online purchasing and delivery. To keep up with these disruptions, retailers are turning towards data and analytics to help them make better business decisions. Some of the retailers are figuring out better

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Advanced Analytics in the hands of SMEs

A common misconception is that only large scale business would need big data and analytics, however, SMEs can gain a significant strategic advantage over their competition by utilizing the benefits of Analytics. Through analytics, the decision-making time decreases significantly and the potential for growth increases drastically. Here are some of

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Mistakes to avoid during segmentation

Customer segmentation allows your business to reap the benefits of focussed marketing effort which helps in reducing marketing cost. It presents better opportunities to develop your product and make it personalized (Customers express more interest in purchasing personalized) and most prominently helps you with more happy customers. Most of the

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7 reasons to pick Business Intelligence tools over Excel

“Who is your customer? What do they like? How often do they visit your store? What do they like purchasing?” The answer to these is captured all day at your point of sale (POS). BI tools help convert this data into meaningful information to make strategic and effective business decisions

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Toxic Paper Receipts Jeopardize Health Of Millions

Nearly every consumer handles almost a dozen paper receipts every week, and retail store employees may touch thousands in the same time. But few are aware of the toxic nature of the paper receipts, which utilize Bisphenol-A (BPA) or Bisphenol-S (BPS). Even fewer know of the major environmental and climate

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